Meet Ray

Ray Hicks, the Founder and CEO of IAMFASST.

Former Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, and Double certified NASM Master Trainer

Ray Hicks  started his love for health and fitness at a young age with sports. He was a decorated high school athlete and then went onto his collegiate career as a wide receiver for Utah State University.

After 2 years of playing for the Utah Aggies, he was picked up as a free agent for the buffalo bills for one season before being released from in 2006 after suffering from a hamstring injury.

After taking a year off to rehabilitate himself, Ray realized his passion was not just in pushing himself to be in the best physical condition possibly, but also helping others achieve their fitness goals. He soon became a master trainer at one of the top health and spa facilities in Kansas City where he was able to use his skills developed thus far.

In 2013 Ray received a call from Mr Jim Harbaugh himself, offering him the opportunity to come to California. For the next two years Ray worked with some of the top names in sports today as one of the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coaches for the San Francisco 49ers.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Harbaugh and the rest of the 49er coaches, Ray was able to gain a level of knowledge in the health and fitness arena that most will never have access to. Ray decided to share this wealth of knowledge and keep his passion for the fitness alive by starting his own training company in 2015, I am F.A.S.S.T.

Today Mr. Hicks trains kids, young adults, adults, and professional athletes alike, from all activity levels.

Ray specializes in catering programs designed for each individual to help them reach their optimal health and fitness goals as quickly and safely as possible. He does this by not only incorporating many different styles of training, but also addressing the underlying issue that may have prevented a client in the past from achieving their goals. His ambition for each client is to not only get them to their goals, but teach them how to maintain them.